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Customizing Sheet Metal For Data Center Use

If you’re using a lot of different computer system brands or bringing in equipment from clients, you may not be able to fit everything inside a standardized rack. A lot of the screw placement designs, protective encasement and connections may be in different places, leaving you with a lot of unused space or completely useless equipment racks. Instead of throwing the old racks away or buying new racks for every individual system, consider a few ways that a sheet metal fabrication team can help you solve most problems with custom units.

Standardization Woes For Rack Mounting

Most servers, network devices and other data center devices are designed to be loaded onto a standard 19 inch rack, but the standard doesn’t hold true as much as it used to. With technology becoming smaller, and new technology companies looking to break away from previous generations, smaller and more customized sizes have entered the market. Unfortunately, these companies may not sell all of the network devices you need, leaving you with different device sizes for different purposes that must be connected to the same rack.

Instead of buying different sized racks and putting them next to each other, a sheet metal fabrication team can build adapters to make the different devices fit into the same rack more easily. Devices that are too small can be attached to plates or put inside cases that are big enough to be attached to the rail guides and beams of the server rack.

If your devices are too big, an angled mount can be designed to make as much use of the smaller space as possible. For devices with moving parts such as hard drives, you may want to have a sheet metal fabrication team design a rack for the larger devices and then compensate for your smaller devices. It’s easier to go down in size than up.

Customized Security Containers

Digital security isn’t the only concern from data centers. If hackers can’t get in through hacking outside of your data center, the threat may come from within.

If you need to lock down certain ports on computers and servers or want to restrict physical computer use, you’ll need a locking system that allows easy access for actual workers while keeping unsavory types out.

A sheet metal fabrication team can design a case with locking panels that cover the important parts of a server, such as the power button, USB ports, network connections and other ports. If someone needs to access certain areas, a lock and key system can be used for temporary access.

For more information, contact J&E Metal Fabricators or a similar company.

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