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3 Must Have Supplies For Flipping Mobile Homes

Flipping homes is nothing new, but an increasing number of companies are flipping abandoned and foreclosed mobile homes for profit. Some of these mobile homes need minor work, like painting and carpeting, while others need major overhauls. If you have decided to take on a mobile home in the effort to flip it and create a profit, then there are a few mobile home supplies that are must-haves for your new endeavor.

HVAC Tools

One of the areas of a mobile home that may require a total overhaul is the air conditioning system. If the system is still functioning, you may find that there are some problems that range from broken fans to clogged filters and grates. If this is the case, you’ll need to have some basic HVAC tools on hand. These tools should include a hand crimper for replacing and fitting new sheet metal covers, extra vent kits to replace outdoor vents that may have been damaged due to weather, furnace kits that are designed to save energy and prevent air leaks from occurring. These are basic, but will allow you to fix most of the noticeable furnace and HVAC issues with most mobile home units.

Drywall Tools

You may find that there is significant damage to some of the drywall in the home. This could be due to holes in the drywall that need to be patched, rips in the drywall from nails or poorly hung items, and water damage. This means you will need to replace the drywall or, at the very least, repair it. Having basic drywall tools on hand is imperative for the success of your interior repairs and upgrades. Some of these tools may include a drywall trowel, sander, and drywall nails. Having these on hand will make the minor repairs go smoothly and help to make some major repairs if needed.

Tarps and Safety Equipment

One thing you may overlook while you are gathering your tools and equipment are tarps and safety items. Tarps are a necessity for anyone handling a house flip, and especially for a mobile home flip where drywall is used exclusively throughout the home. You will need to prevent the dust caused by drywall from getting on the carpet, into the cabinets, electrical equipment, or air duct work. You will also need to have safety glasses, gloves, and bins for the safe removal of items from the mobile home. Though these are important for any house flip, they become especially important for the safe removal of water damaged items like drywall that can capture mold and mildew.

These are just three of the must have mobile home supplies you should consider for your mobile home flip. You can also visit your local mobile home supply warehouse for project ideas and ways to upgrade the home to give you the most return value.