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3 Reasons Why Road Dust Suppression Is Important

Road dust, it’s unpleasant and it destroys roads. Guarding roads against it is critical to the safety of all motorists and to an extent the residents near dusty roads. Luckily, technology has afforded you the ability to quell road dust in its tracks and stop it from being a problem. Here are some reasons why using a road dust suppression system benefits everyone.

Road Dust Contributes To Road Decay

No one likes driving on a worn down road and if road dust is present for a long enough time, the road is sure to start wearing down rapidly. As the fine top layer of the asphalt is worn away, the load bearing aggregate will soon follow. As a result, this causes things like potholes and all other manner of unsafe road conditions. By using a road suppression system, the road is kept wet and this keeps the particles of the asphalt bound tightly together even in the hottest of conditions. This results in less maintenance and money saving that would otherwise be spent on costly spot repairs and blading.

Road Dust Is Hazardous To Vehicles

Given that the road breaks down over time, any road with a copious amount of dust is sure to result in lots of body damage to vehicles. Loose gravel ends up being tossed around by tires and can shatter headlights and windshields, as well as the gradual stripping away of paint from a car’s body. However, road dust poses another risk to motorist as well, as it can drastically reduce visibility and in turn make it harder for motorist to respond to sudden changes in traffic which of course can result in more accidents. 

Road Dust Makes Residential Life Unpleasant

Another annoyance of road dust is that once it’s airborne it’ll end up swiftly traveling in the wind to residential areas. This can be disastrous for people with asthma or other respiratory troubles as road dust can aggravate these conditions. On top of affecting people that already have respiratory problems, it also makes otherwise healthy individuals more prone to developing them as well as inhaling the unclean air that upsets the lungs. Road dust is also quite capable of turning any area into a place that is simply unpleasant to be in, creating a steady haze of oppressive dusty fog which can prevent families from enjoy their lawns.

All-in-all, there is simply no reason not to invest in a road dust suppression system since there are likely no downsides to doing so. To learn more, contact a company like GMCO Corporation.