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Three Solutions To Correct House Settling On Soft Soils

Settling foundations can cause many problems with your home. For a basement or crawl space, these problems can lead to water damage. The settling can also cause serious structural problems and other damage. This can be in the form of doors and windows being out of plumb or it can be cracks in drywall. Here are some of the solutions to help deal with settling homes on soft soils:

1. Tensioned Concrete To Even Out The Foundation Settling

There are many problems that you can have with your foundation. The problems can be due to uneven settling in soft soils. If your home is on a concrete slab, one way to fix this problem is with tensioned concrete. This is where steel cables are installed beneath the slab and tension is applied to them. This will prevent the uneven settling of your home and allow it to settle evenly. Tensioned cables will make your home settle as one solid piece, instead of certain areas settling more than others.

2. Soil Grouting To Shore Faulty Footings Causing Foundation Settling

Soil grouting is another way that a foundation can be repaired to fix settling. This is the process of mixing soil with a cement mixture to prevent settling under heavy loads. This is often done for heavy commercial buildings, but it can also be done for homes that have deep, soft soils where other solutions may not be enough to prevent settling. This can be a good alternative for foundations where tensioned concrete cannot be used, such as a home on a basement with soft soil beneath the foundation. This is a system that can help strengthen the structure and foundation of your home to prevent further settling.

3. Pier Systems And Foundation Pinning To Support A Settling Structure

Another solution to help support a settling home is installing piers or foundation underpinning. This is where the area of the home that is settling is jacked up and pier systems are installed beneath the foundation. These can be used for many types of foundations. Foundation underpinning is also used to correct problems with foundations that were built with poor footings. The underpinning can be used to support the area of your home where structural loads are causing settling and damage.

If your home has a settling problem, contact a foundation contractor such as T. Luckey Sons Inc, and ask them about foundation underpinning for your home.