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Three Tips To Help You Get More Money When Scrapping For Extra Cash

With the market prices of metals on the rise, you may want to consider cashing in on some scrap metal. Everything from old appliances to junk cars can be turned in for a handful of dollar bills. If you want to get the most from your efforts, you may want to understand a little bit more about scrap metals and the materials that are the most valuable. Here are a few tips to help you get the most for your scrapping adventures:

1. Setting Aside All The Copper And Brass

When recycling metal, the copper and brass fittings will be some of the most valuable materials. You want to make sure that you separate all these materials. Copper can be found in plumbing and motors is used for many different electrical devices. You can find the brass fittings in many different pipe connections. You will want to have a pile of the dense brass, which is heavy and will add up quickly because of its weight. Separate the yellow and red colored brass because the red materials have a higher copper content.

2. Separate The Non-Ferrous Steel That Is More Valuable

You may be tempted to throw all the steel materials into one pile. It is a good idea to look at steel closely because the non-ferrous steel can be much more valuable. Many commercial materials contain stainless steel, which is much more valuable than raw metals. If you want to get the most for your efforts, make sure you separate these materials from the common metals before you recycle them.

3. Know Where Aluminum Is Used Instead Of Steel

Aluminum is another material that you can find in many things that contain steel. It is often used for lightweight parts in commercial machinery. You can also find aluminum in many car parts. If you are disassembling something like a car, check the parts to see if they are made of aluminum. In cars, this is often things like heads, transmissions and small engine blacks. For machinery, aluminum can be found in things like casings, manifolds and other parts.

These are some tips that can help you get a little more from your scrap recycling efforts. If you are ready to take your metal in for recycling, contact a recycling center and talk with them about their recycling programs and how they can help you get cash for the scrap materials you have collected.