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Top Tips For Reducing The Amount Of Trash You Have To Put On The Curb

If you would like to reduce the amount of trash that you put out on the curb, you might want to check out some of the following suggestions. With the following tips in mind, you will be saving space in your garbage cans in no time at all.

Use A Trash Compactor

You can purchase and use an electric trash compactor that you simply plug into a standard outlet. These are generally found at many home improvement stores that sell a variety of kitchen appliances. Before taking your trash outside to your garbage can, simply compact the waste. Just make sure that you are not trying to compact anything that comes in a can that is under pressure, such as a spray paint can.

Start Your Own Compost Pile

You can throw a lot of scraps from your kitchen into a compost pile that you can create in your own backyard. Such kitchen scraps include egg shells, used coffee grounds, and leftover fruits and vegetables. Not only will this reduce the amount of garbage that you have to put on the curb, but you will end up with a lot of well fertilized soil that you can use for vibrant flowers, tasteful herbs, or plentiful fruits and veggies from your garden.

Start Recycling

You might just surprise yourself at how much garbage you save from the curb and the landfill when you start recycling. All you need is three plastic bins for the different types of things that you can recycle. One will be for glass, one will be for cans, and the other will be for cardboard. Just make sure that you quickly locate a local recycling center so you can easily take in all of your recyclable material as the bins start to fill up.

Break Down The Boxes

Many people end up with a lot of wasted space in their garbage bags because their food boxes are not broken down before being placed in the bag. By taking a few extra moments to open the boxes from all sides, you will be able to make them lay flat, which will allow you to fit much more garbage in each bag.

With those four tips in mind, you should have no trouble making sure that you are able to reduce the amount of garbage that you put out on the curb each pick for pick up. Talk with a company like Cavossa Disposal Corporation for more tips.